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Discrete Event Neural Modeling : Toward Linking Biological and Cognitive Levels

Bernard P. Ziegler (8 Juillet 2015)

vendredi 18 septembre 2015

Titre : Discrete Event Neural Modeling : Toward Linking Biological and Cognitive Levels.
Mercredi 8 Juillet 2015 - 14h à 17h - Ateliers les 9 et10 Juillet
I3S (Sophia Antipolis), Salle de Conférence
Intervenant : Bernard P. Zeigler

Theory of modeling and simulation, based on systems theory, aims at proposing a coherent framework for studying and implementing dynamic computational systems. After a brief overview of the theory, representation of biological neural net complexity will be discussed in the context of computational systems. After presenting the usual way of describing the behaviors of neurons (through integrate and fire dynamics),
discrete event Markov modeling building blocks will be introduced to be able to connect and implement yourself both conventional and new models of neurons. This approach supports comparison and simplification of neural nets using homomorphic event-based abstraction. With such neural nets constituting the biological layer. A second layer of learning algorithms will be implemented. These novel algorithms take advantage on both group activity and spiking event-like dynamics of neural nets. Finally, the combinations of such blocks will demonstrate how behaviors and structures of logical/cognitive and biological layers might be related to each other.

Un approfondissement du minicours s’est déroulé en atelier avec notamment des applications sur ordinateurs portables (sous windows) à l’aide du logiciel MS4Me qui permet de modéliser et de simuler en langage naturel (connaissance minimale de langage de programmation).

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